About the AIP:

The Great Pyramid contains secrets and mysteries waiting to be deciphered and understood.  That is the firm belief of the American Institute of Pyramidology.

The American Institute of Pyramidology was founded to continue the work of The Institute of Pyramidology in Harpenden, England, when it came to a sudden end at the tragic death of James Rutherford.  James and his father Adam had built a worldwide following through their regular newsletters and publications, most notably the four volume Pyramidology set, available now from Amazon. (It had been out of print and unavailable for decades).

Adam Rutherford spent hundreds of slavish hours measuring and studying the Great Pyramid, and his measurements are still used by many researchers (though most Egyptologists prefer the measurements of Flinders Petrie.) Rutherford claimed that the Great Pyramid contains divine revelations through the media of geometry and stone, in a way similar to the way Bible prophecy contains revelations in words. Both need interpretation. Egyptologists label the work of Rutherford, and others in this tradition, as “pyramidiots.” For those who take their marching orders for meaning and truth from Egyptologists, you need read no farther. You have your verdict.

I was always taught that when one resorts to ad hominems in debate (and to state the obvious, when someone calls someone else a “pyramidiot” that is an ad hominem) one is tacitly conceding.  Rational discourse has ended. While I respect the work of Egyptologists, and benefit from Egyptology in the same way I do all scientific attempts to uncover the past, it does not entirely encompass my human capacity in the search for meaning. While Egyptologists study religion and metaphysics, they do not engage in religion and metaphysics. Egyptology is a hard, empirical science, not a metaphysical religion.  The American Institute of Pyramidology, on the other hand, does have a metaphysical view.  While we do support all scientific efforts to expound the wonders of the Pyramid, we do not hide or deny the fact that we believe the Great Pyimageramid contains divine revelations.

While the AIP has many free resources and studies available to everyone (read through our blog entries here!) we simply ask that those who are not open to the idea that the Great Pyramid contains divine revelations not seek to join its membership. We continue in our work to keep alive in this world the idea that there are truths of eternal value to be found in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World still standing.

Larry Pahl, AIP Director

left: AIP Director at the Mena House, on a recent study tour of Egyptian pyramids. This is where Adam Rutherford stayed when he did his research on the Great Pyramid.



6 thoughts on “About the AIP

  1. I am a reader from Denmark. some years ago I read a print of *Adam Rutherfords books about pyramidology. Lately I have reread some of it. I remember the writings on chronology, and see that he would conclude from the signs in the pyramid that the millenium would start i 1994. I admid that i seems that the Giza Pyramid in many ways seems to be the Bible in stone. In the Bible we do not see when excactly the milennium will start. But seeing that 1994 has passed long ago – what have the scolars on this question concluded after time has showed that this prediction did not come true.

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    • Hi Niels! Rutherford had many things right, but not his final time prophecies… I think the air shafts and the granite floor of the King’s Chamber will be the source for some updated and fascinating time insights!


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