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Larry Pahl
Director AIP


6 thoughts on “About the AIP

  1. I am a reader from Denmark. some years ago I read a print of *Adam Rutherfords books about pyramidology. Lately I have reread some of it. I remember the writings on chronology, and see that he would conclude from the signs in the pyramid that the millenium would start i 1994. I admid that i seems that the Giza Pyramid in many ways seems to be the Bible in stone. In the Bible we do not see when excactly the milennium will start. But seeing that 1994 has passed long ago – what have the scolars on this question concluded after time has showed that this prediction did not come true.

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    • Hi Niels! Rutherford had many things right, but not his final time prophecies… I think the air shafts and the granite floor of the King’s Chamber will be the source for some updated and fascinating time insights!


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